PCI Services

Pacific Coast Investigations provides professional private investigation services to individuals, attorneys, corporations and law enforcement organizations in Victoria and throughout Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our services include:

Infidelity Investigations

Those with doubts and concerns about information provided by current or potential mates have repeatedly turned to PCI for confirmation and peace of mind. PCI offers domestic surveillance services to address pre- and post-marital concerns.

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (BC)

A Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in British Columbia may administer oaths and affirmation and take affidavits and statutory declarations as permitted or required by law

Criminal, Family and Personal Injury Investigations

There are times when legal teams require skills outside of the traditional purview of law firms. PCI offers legal support services such as witness location, courtroom preparation, interviewing support, review and analysis of police and other investigative reports, and crime or accident scene report analyses.


Using traditional physical surveillance techniques, PCI offers services to individuals and organizations that have a need to discreetly monitor the activities of individuals under suspicion or otherwise deemed to be 'of interest'.

Missing Persons

PCI can help locate missing loved ones as well as any individuals attempting to avoid legal or financial obligations. With more than 30 years of law enforcement and investigative experience, PCI has the expertise and resources to significantly increase the likelihood that a missing person will be found.

Personal Security

Trained in self-defense, crowd control, and de-escalation of threatening situations, PCI offers individual clients, particularly women, an extra measure of personal protection during those times when they are especially vulnerable.

Traffic Accidents & Personal Injury Investigations

Prompt interviewing of witnesses that were present at the scene and a thorough investigation of a traffic accident is vital in determining the cause. PCI investigators are available to initiate an investigation immediately. We will obtain photographs of the accident scene, interview witnesses, and with reconstructionist analysis determine point of impact, speed prior to collision, speed prior to vaulting, and so on. We will then provide litigation support to the individual and involved legal professionals.

Document Services

Pacific Coast Investigations provides confidential, discrete, secure handling and fulfillment of all legal requirements. We are experienced, professional, former law enforcement personnel and will handle your time sensitive legal document needs in an efficient and professional manner.

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